Read Our Review on Gravalot’s Afro-Contemporary “Child Of The Sun” Collection


Menswear brand Gravalot has released the lookbook for its Child of The Sun collection which debuted last month at Paris Fashion Week (Menswear).

According to the statement following the release:

What it means to be African is to be categorised into a special bracket of human civilisation that is summed up all too readily by the same stories and narrow perspectives, both inside and outside the continent. There needs to be a new language, a mode of speaking that depicts more accurately the various guises in which African cultures take shape

The collection celebrates Africanism through the use of colours, textures and fabrics. The designer plays with Ankara, traditional igala fabrics and adire to achieve shorts, pants, shirts and matching sets within an afro contemporary theme.

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Art Director: Onye Anuna⠀

Assistant Art Director: Prince Comrie⠀

Models: @clayoscorp, @ashibaraye, @brightdamy, Étienne, @_igordepina, @reizuluvi, @loungeincruisin, @salewa.f, @sekou.mara,⠀

Stylists: @misslwhite, @mz_tazzytaz⠀

Photography: @frankthapoet, @joshstewart90, @vincentfredericcolombo⠀

Casting Director: @stephanegaboue⠀

Assistant: @manga_br⠀


We think this designer stayed through to the theme and profile, though we do not see the sun on anyone as the name of the collection implies.

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