Sad : Fashion Designer – Telvin Nwafor Looses Dad


Menswear brand designer Telvin Nwafor of eponymous brand – Telvin Nwafor Collection is in mourning as he recently lost his dad. This information was made known as he revealed it in a heart felt message which he put on social media.

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Telvin on the 31st of March ,on the night of the curfew mentioned on his social media timeline that he was stopped by some policemen on his way to get some medication for his dad who had been ill for sometime . He said he was delayed for about 40mins before calls were made for him and some others that were held up to proceed on their way . It was to our surprise that the very next day he mentioned his dad’s passing in  a heart felt message . Telvin Nwafor in the message referred to his dad as a great hero. He said “to a great hero, my dad, I’m so confused at this moment knowing you left this world in my arm looking at me with tears scrolling down your cheek. I knew you wanted to say a lot but death and the pains you were feeling at that moment never allowed you, this alone will live in my heart forever. You fought so hard to live with this illness since January but the pain was unbearable, even I could not go through it but only God knows best. Got so much to say, is it your call every morning to pray for all you children’s wellbeing before we set out or your funny jokes. Papa I will so much miss you, sleep well Daddy till we meet to part no more. Your legacy and your name Nwafor will never ever be forgotten so soon. Miss you so much Dad”.
We sympathize with Telvin at this difficult time .  We pray for the strength for them to carry on even in this trying time. May his humble soul rest in perfect peace.

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