Soraya Adji & The Return of the Chic Normadic Tribe – Younass Collection


Normadic Luxury is not one combination that comes round that often but when it does , you have no choice but to pay attention and get acquainted with the Memo .Such is the story and journey of Abuja based  Younass Collection brand . The Younass Collection brand  is the  nomadic fashion brand for women and men who want modern, fun, traditional and unique designs. The fusion of modern and traditional influences, as well as global inspirations highlights the essence of the brand. Their design muses come from various cultures across Africa, Arabia, Asia blended with modern and colorful fabrics giving each customer a unique style.

For a short stint, things had been a bit quiet in the corner of Soraya Adji  -the multi- talented head designer of the brand and this equally  in turn affected the brand . The sudden re-emergence of Younass Collection paraded a grand evolution, exhibiting a well-traveled brand in time with evidence of weathering the storms of life and rising with a strong tribe.

soraya adji

From  England to ,France ,Germany ,Belgium , America, Dubai , Senegal,Mali, Cameroon,Ivory Cost ,Ethiopia and Djibouti , the Younass Woman is firmly rooted owning her space in fashion and  luxury which are exuded from her style choices . Since her grand comeback ,  Soraya has not rested on her oars as her drive to make up for lost time has  propelled and further fuelled her passion for churning out remarkable pieces and  reclaiming  her crown as the Un official Queen of Nomadic Luxury Fashion . Shortly after her re launch , she was recognition via a  Mentoring program by the Cherie Blaine foundation and she was invited to Germany showcase her exquisite collection  in Berlin for the One Nigerian Cultural day

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soraya adji

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