Paolo Sisiano  : Dancing to His Own Fashion Rules

sisiano paolo

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Known for his use of vibrant colors and chic silhouettes, Creative Director Paolo Sisiano is well known for his breathtaking pieces that reflect his love for  choreography ,featuring minimalist designs in bold colors.  The talent behind the brand appeals to the fashion-conscious of many fashion lovers . Like an onion , Paolo can be said to have many interesting layers . Despite his being a Stage performer, dance is aptly represented in his works ascribing movement and fluidity. This can be seen in some of his works like the ‘Birds at War’ collection, the ‘Midnight Fantasy’ collection.Rays of Shattered Light’.etc . Sisiano the label caters to both  the woman with an appreciation for fashion and a devotion to looking fabulous at all times, and the man who isn’t afraid to stand out and make a daring fashion statement. From flared pants, to shift dresses, full skirts with thigh-high splits, cropped tops and more, style influencers, celebrities love the easy breezy vibe of  Sisiano .

sisiano paolo

Dance has always been at the heart of Paolo and It is because of dance and through dance that the Sisiano label distinguishes itself amongst the best contemporary brands in Nigeria today. As he mentioned to Fashion book South Africa ,……“I wasn’t interested in fashion design until I started designing costumes as a dance artist.…” He further told the media platform that his early formations of the brand came from the necessity of creating costumes as a dance artist where he studied contemporary dance with Lagos-based troupe ‘Spirit of David’.

He went on further to say……“When I started the brand in 2013, Sisiano wasn’t born out of passion. It was meant to be a business while I still danced,” . Now, I don’t know what I would do without my brand. I have fallen so much in love  with the process of creating and watching it become even bigger from when I first started…..”

sisiano paolo

Paolo designs are termed dreamy, generously flowing and easily wearable clothes with an ethereal aesthetic. When it comes to creating each collection he starts with a sound and that sound  plays on repeat for weeks or months depending on what he is searching for. It becomes the reason as to why his garments of choice should move a certain way and fit a certain time. Following that, he sketches the looks inline with the sound. As he put it ….. “Every now and then I just pick up fabric and twirl in it, looking for shapes that might be of interest to me. On other days I just dance while looking for the imagery through my own movements.”

Beyond his creative fashion ethics , we get up close and personal to get to know the personality behind this multi talented designer who is creating fashion through dance .

Give us a glimpse of your background,  growing up  and getting into fashion .

I am Nigerian/Italian and I was born into a family of artists!

I am the 3rd of 5 children raised by a single Mother.
I have always wanted to be an entertainer. How it went from Singing to dancing I would never know.
I have worked on theatre productions as Dancer, Actor, choreographer.
I currently paint every time I get the opportunity to and I still sing in the shower!

Who is the Ideal Sisiano man and woman ?

The SISIANO Man who Woman is a person that is totally in love with who they are becoming and learning to embrace all of their differences. They have embarked on the journey to Self discovery and everything about the journey excites them.

When and where were you happiest at anytime in your life ?

I wouldn’t be able to pick the happiest moment of my life as thankfully I find joy in the little things.
I am mostly at my highest point when I am with my family, toss a beach day in and it’s even better. I like my circle.

What would you say  is your most treasured possession?

I am not a material ‘Boy’ Lol! To answer this question with a different approach, I would say my brand! Actually I take that back. My handsss……. and all the amazingness it creates. Thankful to God!

Is there anything you regret at the moment ?
I’m not one to have regrets. I learn from an experience, keep the lessons while I move on.

What will you say is your greatest extravagance?
My greatest extravagance must be with food!!!
I just love good food and I am not talking about restaurants and all. Buying to cook at home for yourself can be expensive and I am here for that foodie life




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