Telvin Nwafor debuts ”THE BOURGEOISIE MAN”


In the era where Black slavery/racism is the order of the day, west African black men were looked down on and maltreated…

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  This collection was inspired by the revolution  and rise of the West African black men, from being a third/middle class citizen to becoming very influential, wealthy, and taking centre stage in all works of life.
  Telvinnwafor Menswear brand is designed for the modern,successful and active individuals of today, who dresses as a statement piece. We exude an ideal balance between a sartorial craftsmanship, timeless and classic designs with elegance.
Creative director @telvinnwafor
-stylist @pat_ada_eze
-Photography @_jorgewong
-Model @chris_okagbue @daniellloyd101
-Footwear brand @kokomacollections
-Art work piece @tayo_creates

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