Unveiling Lagos’s Largest Beauty Suppliers


Biggest beauty wholesalers in Lagos, Nigeria


For a beauty store to function seamlessly, there must be a steady supply of beauty products in the store at all times. Meaning it has to look for a trusted vendor for this steady supply. This is when you need to turn to the best wholesale cosmetics supplier who can cater to your business needs. 

If you are keen on entering the retail market in Nigeria, learn here the best wholesale cosmetics Nigerian suppliers you can collaborate or switch to.


Nectar Beauty Hub

Nectar Beauty Hub is rated one of the biggest beauty products wholesalers in Nigeria. The brand stocks a wide range of products including skincare for men and women, beauty equipment, nail care, electrical products, hair care and makeup in its numerous walk-in stores and online hubs.

For most of these products, Nectar Beauty Hub stands as an official distributor; a strategy which ensures only authentic versions of beauty products are found in its stores. The brand makes accessible everything regarding beauty and skincare across every price point without compromising quality. From favourite international brands such as Cosrx to Tiam, Laroche Posay, Cerave, Nubiance, Touch, Axis-Y, Klairs, Medix, Some By Mi, Missha, Somma and Isntree, Nectar Beauty Hub’s brand categories which cut across Korean, American, Asian and European staples, are almost second to none.


Buybetter Cosmetics

Buy better Cosmetics is a wholesale and retail beauty supplier based in Lagos, Nigeria. From budget-friendly finds to must-have staples, Buybetter brings to skincare enthusiasts quality skincare products. The store is an official stockist of some of the best beauty brands in the world and is also an authorised dealer of those brands.


LS Cosmetics Nigeria Limited

This company provides products from lipstick to shampoo, eye shadow to hair extensions, and everything in between. They’re one of Nigeria’s largest suppliers of beauty, cosmetic, nail care, and personal care products for both individuals and resellers who want to stock up on wholesale cosmetics for resale.


Unique Cosmetics Limited

Unique Cosmetics Limited has been a major player in the beauty industry in Nigeria for health, beauty and lifestyle brands. This company which stocks a wide range of products across different categories and brands, specialises in the wholesale supply of holistic skin care cosmetics/products. It has a track record of launching and growing brands in Nigeria. In the last twenty years, it has built relationships with buyers in the major multiples, supermarkets, online fashion, and beauty retailers.


Perona Beauty

Perona Beauty is another wholesale supplier of skincare products. The company stocks a wide range of skincare products from across different product categories. These supplier meticulously sources skincare products directly from trusted manufacturers to guarantee authenticity.



Skinificient provides a robust selection of quality skincare products from different categories. It also offers doorstep delivery. Its website also offers easy shopping experience and prompt shipping offers.


TOS Nigeria

TOS Nigeria is another supplier offering a wide range of quality skincare products. You also get to benefit from exclusive deals when shopping with them.



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