About Vanskere’s New Fashion Outlet In Lekki


This will be the fourth outlet directly operated Vanskere flagship store in Lagos , Nigeria since inception . The new store location stands out at the Centigrade Mall on Fola Osibo ( the High fashion street of Lekki ) .

The interior is a vanguard architectural layout which  epitomizes the dynamic spirit of the Vanskere Man design culture, with its cutting–edge convergence of art, design and fashion
The new outlet  is notable for its “balck pleated” surface of geometric panels bearing the VK logo .

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Inside, visitors discover the environment of soft modernism and timeless luxury that is the signature of Vanskere stores architecturally and this has become one of the most exciting and vibrant interior signatures of male dominated elegance created with a palette of light greys, misted mirror, polished chrome accents and touches of black granite and ebony. Adisplay of pieces from each line – Vanskere clasiscs , Signore fusion and Vanskere 3 – in 1 , fill the floating  shelves and racks .

The new space pulses with modern urbane chic all black, white, gray and silver combo and flaunts an audacious modernism informed by todays glamour, which results every bit as impressive , more gender-neutral and original.

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