Why We Love Iyabo Ojo – A Peek Into Her Fabulous Lifestyle

iyabo ojo

Popular Nollywood actress and screen goddess, Alice Iyabo Ojo, is a personality that most Nigerians can’t get enough of.  She is not only known for being an amazing actress but also a talented producer with many works to her name as she has featured in over 150 films, and has produced more than 14 of her own.

iyabo Ojo

With a following of over 3milion on instagram, Iyabo;s social media platform is a theatre of visual delights . From her fashion to her unique sense of style , Iyabo is also the undisputed  Queen of Tik Tok . With over 300,000 followers  and 2million  likes On Tik Tok, she is one of the most viewed and funniest celebrities on the platform . Her fame started during the Nationwide lockdown – a period when holding the attention of a fickle audience was almost impossible. With the exception of a few Nigerian actors with bonafide fandoms, projects were the primary way many actors honed their craft and charmed their audiences. At the time ,  projects were on hold and Instagram fatigue set in (there are only so many times we can look at a celebrity’s selfies before we tap out), actors started looking for alternative platforms that could afford them new ways to reach audiences. For many Nollywood actors, that medium was Tiktok and Iyabo Ojo owned it. With content versatility on Tik Tok , she was outstanding and she managed to win so many people over. Many were amazed on how the thespian mimicked roles effortlessly yet in a dramatic and comedic manner each time .  Beyond acting, her entrepreneurial skills and most importantly her sense of style is something that has kept her fans captivated with each event and counting .

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iyabo ojo


In the midst of all the attention from her teaming followers  , the  mother of two is the part time business woman behind -. Fespris limited in lekki . The business boasts of various lifestyle services like an eatery , lounge ,  bar ,spa , salon , skincare products ,  barbing salon etc , The two boutiques – Fedel wears for men –  which her son runs and Priscys Closet – which her daughter runs are also over seen by her . Iyabo whose fashion game is quite high and spicy ,  had this to say when asked about her love for fashion and how she carved a niche for herself …..” I  have always been a fashionable person, I think it’s just part of once personality”….

As someone in the public eye, she must have an enviable wardrobe collection as well as  unfettered access to series of A- list designers but she still has her favourite pieces which surprisingly are Casuals . According to her ….. “Though I’m not a brand person, as long as it’s good and I love it, I  go for it, whether it be cheap or expensive….I’m a casual dresser”





In terms of accessorizing , it will be surprising to hear that her most treasured item is the Wristwatch ( really? we wonder how many she has got in her possession) .

We must say she is undeniably an All rounder – Talented , Industrious & Stylish but there is just one outfit she would never be spotted in while in the public –  her undies ……. As she concludes our chat saying …..I would never be caught wearing just a pair of bra and pants…..

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