8 Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out

Lilian Afegbai

Breakouts are mainly triggered by hormones and the overproduction of oil. Everyone’s skin is different, and genetics play a big role in how your body reacts to acne-stimulating hormones. Just when you think you’ve found a skincare routine that works for you, a new kind of breakout pops up so what may be the reasons?
Lilian Afegbai
1. Lack of adequate sleep. When we sleep, our body heals and inadequate sleep would only slow down the process.

2. Over exfoliation is also a major cause of breakouts. Take it easy with the facial scrubs.

3. Sometimes, ingredients found in your skincare products like mineral oil which is a heavy moisturizing agent that may lead to clogged pores can cause skin breakouts.

4. Not washing your pillowcases and bedsheets enough. Dirt that might have accumulated on the surface of the bedsheet and pillowcase as well as the friction of rubbing your face against it would lead to inflammation and acne breakouts.

5. Skipping the shower right after working out.

6. Your diet is also a major factor. Some foods that contain acidic lycopene may throw off the skin’s pH and trigger breakouts.

7. When your skin is dehydrated, it can increase the production of oil resulting in acne breakouts.

8. Not washing or cleaning off your make-up from your face.

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IMAGE -Lilian Afegbai

Writer: Temiloluwa Erinfolami

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