Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) 2023: Where Fashion Meets Africa in Europe’s Grandest Celebration


Get ready for the most anticipated fashion event of the year  this October as Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) returns, promising a thrilling showcase of African and African-inspired brands and talent. As we gear up for the 13th edition of AFWL, mark your calendars for October 27th to 29th, when London’s prestigious Institute of Directors IoD will be transformed into a fashion hub like no other. This three-day fashion extravaganza is set to feature designers hailing from both Africa and Europe, uniting fashion, culture, and creativity in an unforgettable experience.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the designers who will grace the AFWL 2023 runway and offer a glimpse of what to expect from their collections.


Ire clothings Ire Clothings, located in Lagos Ikeja, is a unique fashion hub that blends modern styles with traditional Ankara and Adire fabrics, creating a vibrant Afrocentric aesthetic

ÌK-PEN ÌK-PEN is a luxury women’s fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. The brand was founded in 2006 by Ikpen Yvonne Akwitti with the desire for perfection and craftsmanship. The brand is African-inspired with contemporary designs. It’s known for its bespoke services and prêt-a-porter. Her prêt a porter line engages ethnic details and fascinating silhouettes, providing timeless pieces for its opulent clientele, ranging from traditional bridal attires, everyday classics, resort and glamorous dresses. “For the sophisticated woman with style”.


Hazza Hazza, an independently owned unisex ethical and sustainable brand, is the brainchild of Hassan Alfaziz Iddriss, hailing from Ghana. Drawing inspiration from his cultural heritage and the traditions of his motherland, Hazza was established in 2013. Initially dealing in vintage apparel and contemporary fashion, the brand has since transitioned into crafting its own distinctive designs. Driven by a vision that extends beyond mere clothing, Hazza’s mission is to weave narratives of Ghana and Africa as a whole through the realms of Arts and Fashion. With a deep-rooted desire to showcase the untouched beauty of African culture, Hassan Alfaziz Iddriss seeks to authentically introduce the world to the rich heritage and traditions of his homeland. HOUSE OF SOLANA
Elpis Megalio Elpis Megalio is the epitome of bespoke and ready-to-wear fashion, curated for the modern woman seeking individuality and expression. Inspired by the fusion of art and wanderlust, our visionary creative director, Olufunke Afolabi, fearlessly explores the vibrant world of colors, pushing design boundaries with unparalleled craftsmanship. At Elpis Megalio, we believe in empowering women to embrace their uniqueness and radiate confidence. Our curated pieces are crafted with a heartfelt vision to make every woman feel truly beautiful, adorned in outfits designed exclusively for her. Join us at Fashion Week as we showcase our stunning collection – a celebration of art, travel, and the essence of being extraordinary. Stand out, embrace your essence, and unleash your inner beauty with Elpis Megalio.

Apparel by Mo Based in Lagos, Nigeria, ApparelByMo is a fusion of the Yoruba cultural heritage and Western contemporary design brand, specialises in women’s fashion bespoke, ready-to-wear, and fashion education.

Adjoua-Pam Representing Ghana, Jemima Bentiwa Duncan’s brand Adjoua-Pam infuses old and new techniques into every project. She believes that wearing the right fitted clothes is not only a fundamental part of fashion excellence but is also the building block of confidence and comfort for the individual woman. Adjoua-Pam passion for making clothes from an obsession with not always finding the right clothes as and when you need them. Nominated as the best student in my year group, I hold qualifications from Accra Technical University and certificates from Accra’s top design institution Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design, Ghana where I tutored pattern-making working one-on-one with the students. Over the past 10 years, I have since set up my own studio providing custom-made wear across the fashion range and working with partners to design and sew classy yet simple, comfortable womenswear for every occasion. Akpos Okudu
Abaake by eQuip LTD Abaake by eQuip is an ethical and sustainable brand taking inspiration from Nigeria. Based in the UK, they draw inspiration from the traditional clothing, textiles, self-care, and identity of Yoruba culture and incorporate them into modern designs and products. The brand appeals to customers who appreciate African culture and want to immerse themselves in African-inspired clothing, accessories, skincare, and home decor items.
Enadia Igbin Clothing Enadia Igbin Clothing is an African-inspired clothing brand, we thrive in using African-inspired fabrics (e.g. Ankara prints etc.) to make everyday and special event wear for the African modern woman. We cater to standard UK sizes and also a bespoke size option to celebrate modern curvy women. We are based in Lagos, Nigeria and our products are made in Nigeria with so much love.
Bittany Bittany is a fashion brand from Africa founded by Fikayomi Agbola, a visionary entrepreneur driven by her passion for fashion and her unwavering determination to turn adversity into opportunity. Bittany began as a response to disappointments with tailors, blossoming from a mere hobby into an exquisite celebration of African culture and heritage through beautifully crafted designs made for everyone! Our goal is to put a smile on people’s faces and make African fashion accessible worldwide. Bittany embraces family values which birthed the ARÁBÁMBI Collection: Read here: With the tagline “Be unapologetically unique,” Bittany empowers individuals to embrace their personal style while upholding core values of integrity, creativity, and teamwork in every aspect of their operations. This brand is not just about fashion; it advocates slow fashion and sustainability through upcycling techniques and offering alteration and repair services, ensuring the longevity of garments. But the impact of Bittany goes beyond fashion. Fikayomi’s dedication extends to job creation for artisans in Africa and supporting the gig economy in the UK through the sustainable fashion sister business, KÁYÒMI. Driven by a passion for fashion, sustainability, and positive impact, Bittany seeks to make a difference in the world, one stitch at a time. As the African fashion week London approaches, Bittany stands as an exemplar of creativity, cultural richness, and a commitment to a better world.
Bantu Gold Bantu Gold is a Botswana-based fashion brand that beautifully blends cultural heritage with contemporary style. Committed to local craftsmanship, we create garments that authentically represent our nation’s traditions and modern creativity. Our journey includes prestigious showcases at events like Mr. Price’s esteemed incubation program—an honour granted by one of Africa’s largest retailers. Through this program, we are poised to further elevate our craft, contribute to the fashion industry’s growth, and continue sharing Botswana’s unique narrative with the world. Beyond clothing, we empower emerging designers, encourage cultural exchange, and celebrate Africa’s diversity. Join us in a journey where culture meets couture and experience the vibrant spirit of Botswana in every creation.
House of Solana USA fashion designer from Milwaukee Wisconsin, the brand specializes in plus size clothing by creating a variety from ready-to-wear to high-end wear. The brand has even found time to start their own beauty line – Solana Beautè which, was featured in British Vogue. The brand has showcased in London, Paris, and Milan and has designed a dress for the Oscars.

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