Ankara Unmuted: ! Is That Ankara Making a Comeback or Are We Just Fashionably Hallucinating?


In the realm of fashion, trends come and go like buses – you miss one, and there’s bound to be another one just around the corner. But what about the timeless fabric that’s been quietly lounging in closets, waiting for its moment? Yes, you guessed it right – Ankara, that vibrant and versatile African print, seems to be staging a comeback. Or are we just collectively experiencing a fashionable fever dream?

With Ankara fabrics making bold appearances on runways, streets, and even red carpets, one can’t help but wonder if we’re witnessing a genuine resurgence or merely a case of wishful thinking dressed in colorful patterns. Paying homage to those who have stuck to this colorful fabric overtime like and made it their signature fabric like- Zizi Cardow , Lisa Folawiyo Studio , Soboye , Moofa etc ,the question begs – Are we hallucinating patterns where there are none, or is Ankara really strutting its stuff once again?

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia for simpler times or the desire to inject some zest into our wardrobes. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure: Ankara’s presence is definitely not muted anymore. So, grab those prints, mismatch them with abandon, and let’s ride this Ankara wave – whether it’s a comeback or just a stylish mirage, who cares? Fashion is all about having fun, after all!

Here are a few brands on our radar …

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