Uncovering the Inspirational Journey of Ezinne Alfa, Founder of Beauty In Lagos

Ezinne Alfa

Ezinne Alfa is a renowned beauty influencer and the creative force behind “Beauty in Lagos.” one of the  go to beauty website in  Nigeria, she has made a significant impact in the beauty industry by sharing her expertise and passion for makeup, skincare, beauty digital directory and  all things beauty-related. With her engaging content and expert tips, Ezinne has amassed a dedicated following, inspiring beauty enthusiasts across the globe. Her platform, “Beauty in Lagos,” has become a go-to destination for beauty lovers seeking insightful reviews, tutorials, and the latest trends.

In this interview with Beaute Rack , Ezinne speaks about her journey ,setbacks and what she actually does not like about the Beauty in Lagos ….

Ezinne Alfa

– You have been in this line of work  of promoting beauty brands for a while now , what has been your sustaining power ? I always keep my ‘Why’ as the focus; the reason I started BeautyInLagos (BiL) in the first place. Which was to share all there is to know about beauty in Lagos (we also include the rest of Nigeria and are now extending that to include the rest of Africa). So working with beauty brands and businesses to promote what they do is me staying true to my vision for BiL in the first place.

–  Why have you not considered going down the youtube lane like other beauty enthusiasts or is it something you are considering doing in the nearest future ? I actually tried Youtube in the past, but quickly found that the sort of content I was creating was just not for me. I may try it again, but it won’t be anything centred around me.
Ezinne Alfa
–   Have you ever had any setbacks and if so, what were some of them? Of course, there have been so many over the years in varying degrees, the ones that wake you up to a new reality or those that bring you to your knees. But what I have found with setbacks is they are actually ‘preparation’ in disguise. One setback I can remember is from 2020, Beauty West Africa, the largest professional beauty exhibition in Africa, reached out and expressed interest in having us come onboard as their official conference partner. I was so honoured and excited to get going, and then a few months later COVID hit, and everything shut down. I was so devastated. But looking at things now, that was such a blessing because I don’t think I full grasped the enormity of that partnership, so that year was definitely needed for us to prepare, and now we’ve partnered with them for two consecutive years, going into our third run this year by God’s grace.
– What is your least favorite thing about doing this? My least favourite thing is all the Administrative stuff, and also having to interact with people. Im an introvert, which is why initially when I first started BiL I kept my identity hidden, because I really just wanted it to be about the content and not me. All the Admin stuff like: operations, logistics, structure, hr etc. really just stifle my creativity. And because of how peculiar my brand/business is, it has been such an uphill task trying to recruit people into these roles. So I sometimes have to handle the Administrative side of things and it quite literally sucks the life out of me. I


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–  What is your favorite thing about doing this? My favourite thing is brainstorming and executing the actual content; Writing, editing, designing the social media creatives. Coming up with content to share with out audience, getting feedback on what they like and just generally providing them with the information they need. And I also love what with do with our consultancy, providing solutions to their problems and advising them on a slew of beauty-related business stuff.
–  When did you first realize you were famous? I am not famous, lol.
  Looking back, what would you do differently? There’s only one thing that I always say I would’ve done differently, and that would be to have remained anonymous.

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