The Beauty Trendsetters in The Nigerian Fashion Industry Cover Tribe & Elan Weekly


The Beauty Industry has without any doubts grown in leaps and bounds and this is as a result of the tireless efforts of some people who have put in the extra work, thereby making it what it is today. Even though some of our beauty products are still not produced here- like makeup  , a large number like skincare and hair products are making the top shelves both home and abroad . It  is on this premise we will be recognizing some of these Beauty Trendsetters who have diligently honed their craft, creating solutions for their growing customers  and immediate community at large .It is the season of shirt dresses and we are exploring the ART of this wardrobe staple , which we have come to love for its functionality and comfort. Finally, we take a look at the personalities from the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Edition. What are their 2020 struggles, Pains and Gains? Some say they are struggling to remain relevant – Do you Agree ?  These and many more in this week’s Beauty Edition.

NB- Catch up on industry happenings with – The Week That Was…… & Click on th eImages to navigate to the articles


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