Love, Lights, and Action: Sharon Ooja’s Cinematic Wedding Celebration


Actress Sharon Ooja Ties the Knot: A Celebration of Love and Glamour

In a dazzling ceremony that captivated fans and celebrities alike, beloved Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja Nwoke  has officially tied the knot. The star, known for her roles in popular films and series such as “Skinny Girl in Transit” and “Oloture,” exchanged vows with her longtime partner in a celebration filled with love, glamour, and star-studded elegance.

The wedding, which took place at a luxurious venue in Abuja , Nigeria, was a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Sharon looked stunning in a custom-designed gown made by budding sensation – Veekee James who seamlessly combined classic bridal beauty with modern fashion flair. The gown  featured  intricate lace details, a flowing train, and a touch of sparkle, perfectly complementing her radiant personality.


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The Traditional Looks

The first look by Amy Aghomi . The white ensemble fabric was sourced from ASIA ,Accessoried in EUROPE and assembled in AFRICA… The ONE OF ONE MASTERPIECE GEORGE meticulously crafted for her and it weighed a whooping 10 KG . The george had 3D flowers coming , delicate hand beading and more. Her neck was adorned  with a Stone cluster Evening Bib Necklace.


Here , Sharon was draped in a custom pattern and hand woven Asooke fabric reflecting her Idoma roots . The Idoma traditional attire which is popularly called, “Apa” by many parts of Idoma land, and “Edema” by the Edumoga people. The “black” colour on the Idoma attire signifies the “earth and burial shroud,” while the “red” colour signifies “royalty or red feather.” 



The beaded corset was magical and the complementary Gbenga Artsmith jewellery coral jewelry set complimented the piece so well .


The beadwork was BEADING . Both outfits were heavily hand beaded and beaded . This was done by Sophia Ugbegua of Somo by Somo  – making it the 4th outfit made by this brand .

Sharon Ooja’s wedding was not just a union of two hearts but a celebration of love, glamour, and the joy of finding one’s soulmate. Fans eagerly await to see what the future holds for the actress, both in her personal life and her flourishing career. For now, they join in celebrating this beautiful milestone in her life, wishing her and her husband a lifetime of happiness and love.

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