The Enchanting Elegance of Chioma Adeleke , Davido’s Muse #ChiVido2024


Celebrating an African Bride: Chioma Adeleke

In the dazzling world of Afrobeat, where rhythm and melody rule, one name that consistently shines is Davido. Yet, beside this global superstar stands a woman whose grace, elegance, and strength have captured hearts around the world—Chioma Adeleke. Our cover story delves into the life of this extraordinary woman, celebrating her as an epitome of the modern African bride.

The Essence of Chioma

Chioma Avril Adeleke , fondly known as Chef Chi, has become a beloved figure not only for her relationship with Davido but also for her distinct sense of style, her culinary prowess, and her inspiring journey. Her story is one of passion, dedication, and the seamless blending of tradition with contemporary flair. Chioma’s influence extends far beyond her bridal style. She is a talented chef, a dedicated mother, and an entrepreneur. Her culinary skills, showcased through her social media and cooking ventures, have made her a beloved figure among food enthusiasts. She effortlessly juggles her roles, inspiring many young women to pursue their passions while embracing their cultural roots.

Love in the Spotlight

Chioma and Davido’s love story is nothing short of a modern fairy tale, capturing the imagination of fans across the globe. From the moment Davido publicly declared his love for Chioma, she has been under the media spotlight. Their journey together, from engagement to welcoming their son, has been a testament to their deep bond and shared dreams.

Traditional Elegance Meets Modern Glamour

Outfit by Jennifer R0wland

The Pre Wedding Looks

1- Chioma’s bridal style is a celebration of her African heritage, beautifully interwoven with modern elements. For the modern African bride, she represents a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. Whether adorned in intricately designed Nigerian lace or sporting a chic, minimalist gown, Chioma’s fashion choices always exude sophistication and cultural pride.

Chioma‘s older sister – Jennifer Rowland,  has been making waves with her exceptional skills in traditional fashion design. Known for her creative flair and meticulous attention to detail, Jennifer played a pivotal role in designing some of the stunning traditional wedding pieces Chioma wore during her nuptials as shown in both the pre wedding and After wedding party dresses .


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2 – The Aso -oke Garb : It  was a breathtaking display of Nigerian culture. She wore a stunning aso-oke  ensemble made by Ntukokwu Obinna Samuel the designer behind – Samuelmoon , complete with detailed feathered neckline and gele (head-tie). Her look was a perfect blend of her Igbo roots and new yoruba culture , enhanced with modern makeup and minimal accessories that highlighted her natural beauty.

2 .The Traditional Wedding Look :

The Ecru and gold attire  and eye catching matching Jewellery were made by the brand – Tubo . Although the first traditional piece was more realistic for photos than practical in movement and for this the brand was hit hard on social media – which made it escape the Miss List narrowly . As for the jewellery , would we say we were expectant to see Chioma flaunt any Graff diamonds, Serpentine Bvlgari  ,Chopard piece etc …. rather she wore some Naija brands .

In addition to answer the question of whether Tubo was now into accessory making ? Well we are not sure at the moment but we can tell you for free that the stunning pieces were made by Beads by Hayolar – as seen below

The Modern Celebration: For the white wedding, Chioma opted for a sleek and elegant gown that reflected her refined taste. The 2-toned dress in royal colours of wine and purple , with its intricate lace detailing and elegant silhouette, was a nod to classic traditional  bridal fashion, while still showcasing her unique personality was made of custom Aso Oke from Woven Market Africa, she showed out in exquisitely tailored by Nigerian designer— Couture by Tabik .


According to the designer Couture by Tabik, …”this beautiful floral motif outfit is an allegorical garden of love and joy. Each delicate bloom represents a moment of the couple’s journey together, filled with laughter and endless love. Wrapped in the beauty of their story and ready to start a new chapter of their life together as husband and wife,…..”

Chioma paired her stunning dress with matching wine Gele, artfully styled in layers by Taiwo’s Touch. She accessorized with a matching Aso Oke hand fan, dainty jewellery pieces from Frannicoles .


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Inspiring the Next Generation

As the cover star of our magazine, Chioma Adeleke embodies the spirit of the African bride—resilient, beautiful, and proud of her heritage. Her journey from a university student to a celebrated chef and the wife of a superstar is a narrative of determination and grace. She inspires brides-to-be to embrace their culture while confidently stepping into the modern world.

Chioma  Adeleke nee Rowland is not just Davido’s wife; she is a beacon of modern African womanhood. Her story is a powerful reminder that true elegance lies in the fusion of tradition and modernity. As we celebrate her as our cover star, we honor the essence of the African bride—a woman of strength, beauty, and infinite grace.

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