How I Took Ibidun Ajayi to the Miss Lux Beauty Pageant and Won – Bayo Hastrup

bayo hastrup

The passing of Ibidun Ituah Ighodalo brought her participation in a Beauty Pageant early in her formative years . At about the age of 18 years old, she was introduced to the world of Pageantry by one of Nigeria’s foremost male makeup artists – Bayo Hastrup . He reveals how he met the late Ibidun and convinced her into participating in the pageant and eventually clinching the converted crown .

bayo hastrup

According to Bayo Hastrup …..”I meet Miss ibidun Ajayi in University of Lagos – Unilag where she was undergoing her  pre-degree course for medicine.

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I had been into my modelling thing long before that and was aware of the 1st Lux beauty queen pageant. I spoke to her about taking part and she was  reluctant to take part saying her Christian religion did not permit it especially parading in a swim suit.
I already  knew that this particular pageant dis not encourage swim suit parade and I explained the details to her in Fridas saloon which I was running at the time while in school.
I asked her to come with a black dress the following  day as the entry closes the day after. Ibidun came with a long black dress and I took over with a flesh makeup and packed her hair.
Mr Phillip the photographer in Queen Amina hall at the time took the pictures and I quickly dispatched the pictures to Lever Brothers. On reaching there , they said selections had been concluded ,but if anything came up she would be contacted.
With luck on our side , some of the married women who had enrolled earlier  pulled out as their husbands were not in support of their participation .
And that was how Ibidun Ajayi was contacted and that was the beginning of the first Lux Beauty Queen crown which she won.
Ibidunni was a rare and unique soul .
May her peaceful, pleasant and always giving soul rest in perfect peace.

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