When Should You Let Your Daughter Start Wearing Makeup?


Parenting is most definitely not a “one size fit all”. What sits right with Mr A may not be tolerated by Mr B.
Truth be told there is particularly not a “right age” for when a female child can start wearing makeup or polishing her nails.


As it has been stated earlier, each parent will decide differently. While one may not mind their daughter wearing makeup at a very young age, another may not allow it. This topic is quite controversial as everybody will have their different views and opinion as regarding “how soon is too soon”.
Although, social media plays a huge role in influencing our choices, as cute photos of dolled up kids and those of celebrities fully made up .

Children practice what they see so typically it is very common for a female child to walk into her mum’s closet and pick up some of the make up items and start playing “dress up”, I mean how bad could it be? Mum does it too. This is why issues concerning hair, makeup and dressing is quite a gray area in parenting but one thing that a parent should instill in every child is the fact that there is a time and place for everything.
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The world keeps evolving by the day and things like wearing makeup, having manis and pedis, having a full facial for a child seems to be nothing quite out of the ordinary anymore but imagine walking into the salon and seeing a 2 year old child under the steamer. I mean that just sounds so absurd because staying under the steamer is no child’s play with the temperature level and everything even for an adult. The only thing that goes through my mind when I’m under the steamer is how I’m going to go through it without burning my scalp and ears off.

Parents have to acknowledge the fact that though the world is evolving, there should be a limit to some certain things. Why would you want to do a full facial on a child who is 1 year old? Or expose a minor to the harmful uv rays for a gel nail polish ?

Beauty is a form of self expression but as parents you have to understand that there is a time and a place for everything. These are things that parents have to sit down and reflect on because to be honest, the bulk ends on your table.

Writer: Temiloluwa Erinfolami

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