Tips on Proper use and maintenance of wigs by Jbronze Luxury Hair


Here are a few tips by J Bronze

1. When you purchase a curly hair, don’t comb your curly hair when it is dry. Always wet the hair first.

2. When combing through, you must start from down and proceed upwards.

3. If you’re new to wigs, always start with the less complex, straight wigs before going for the curly hair.


j bronze
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4. When it comes to bleaching and dying your hair, ensure you go for a top-quality beauty salon like JBronze Boutique so they don’t mess up your hair. Try not to do this yourself so you do not damage your

5. Finally, ensure to take care of your own natural hair. Steaming is also recommended. Despite the fact that you may be wearing a luxury
wig like JBronze hair, be sure to wash and shampoo your hair at least twice or thrice a month.

6. Invest in a mannequin so you can always hang your wig whenever you take it off.

7. With your laces, to have that natural looking lace (frontal, 360, etc), be sure to give it to a professional like JBronze hair to bleach and pre-pluck the knots. Only professionals can get this done properly.

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