Mariya Sanusi – The New Emerging Force in Redefining Fashion Elegance

mariya sanusi

With the world on constant search for new talents in the fields of the creatives . Caught on our radar in this fashion discovery edition is Mariya Sanusi , a rising star from the city of Abuja . Born in Zaria , Kaduna state. Mariya is the last child, from a family of six . She was raised in Abuja ,Nigeria and studied media communication and culture at Covent university England. She decided to go into fashion a year after her NYSC. She likes to refer to her eponymous brand as a pandemic born brand, since she got designing her first collection during the lockdown and released it right after.


mariya sanusi

Mariya Sanusi womenswear fashion brand had her first international debut at the Glitz Africa Fashion week in Accra – Ghana . The acceptance of her brand was quite quick as her talent showed through her rich designs with a mix of minimalist style.    According to Mariya ,……” I like to describe designs as comfortable, modest and effortlessly stylish. Getting inspiration from traditions, nature and art of my own community., but then mix it up with inspiration from traveling and exploring the culture of others and that of the ultra-modern society to give it the present day fashionable touch….”

Despite being an emerging brand , Mariya’s forte into the spotlight made a huge difference for her brand . with pop -up debut in London and shortly after attempting runway in the international space , Mariya admits never to forget her first life changing moments in the competitive world of fashion – as she highlights the moments as Expressive and Impressive ….My very fist runway show. The way the audience were extremely expressive in showing how impressed they were. Seeing how much they loved pieces. Thats a moment I can never forget….

Being in the spotlight does not come without its challenges and for her its actually being customer initiated . As she says ….”My biggest challenge is when customers were trying to pull me away from the brand niche. Demanding bespoke services from a ready to wear brand. I tried to do it but every time I tried, I realized that’s not what I wanted to honestly I had moments I didn’t post on my social media for months trying to avoid those people and it honestly destabilized me …..I even felt bullied by clients who were much older”….

Coming from a family Coming from a family of 6 females that are perfectionists, it has made her very particular in delivering the best quality, by paying attention to details and making sure the end product is of impeccable finishing. Elegance and feminine silhouettes are the guiding style rule  and these two elements are also a reflection of her true self .

The Mariya Sanusi brand has positioned  itself and we are definitely paying attention . We look forward to seeing what they have up their sleeve as they make creative strides in the Nigerian fashion terrains into the Global space .















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