Mwanga Africa – Spreading Light , Hope & Love


Omoyeni Disu sits as the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, of Mwanga Candles and Diffusers, a fast rising consumer company. Following the death of her parents, she took a trip to Zanzibar. What was initially planned as vacation to tuck in the memories of her parent’s death and the attendant emotions that came with it morphed into getting clarity about an entrepreneurial path that has long been an item on “the to-do list”

“My parents had just passed on 40 days apart from each other in 2017 and I was angry, very angry with God and with everything. I took a trip to Zanzibar a few months after their passing and it came to me, prior to that that I had been thinking of branching out of the corporate world and had been asking for direction from God. I just kept getting inspiration and leadings to scents, candles and diffusers. I figured why not, my mom and I had randomly discussed it but just never got into it and every morning she would pray and say ‘you will be a global entrepreneur, you will walk the red carpets of fame, you will be a global brand, men will come to your rising’ and so on. So I thought ‘what better way than to keep the memories alive than to do this”.

The vision for Mwanga is to “encourage the beauty in life by providing a wide range of products that accedes to the tastes and experiences of consumers at competitive prices”. Ultimately, Omoyeni seeks to sprinkle a bit of happiness in every household and she firmly believes Mwanga can achieve that. Addressing the intriguing name of her company she says:

“One morning while on the beach in Zanzibar, I just got “light” in my spirit and it kept coming back in different things, I had asked a local what light meant in Swahili and he said “MWANGA”. There and then I knew I had found the name of my brand, excitement.” “Mwanga means “Light” in Swahili and I coined it to be ‘my light at the end of every tunnel’. Omoyeni who studied Psychology and Theatre Arts for her first degree and Human Resources for her Masters is passionate about what she does and hopes her vision for the company and brand shines through with every purchase.


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Its amazing how this unique brand has brought so much Light and Joy with just a whiff of their delicate fragrances hence making the Mwanga Africa range the new Alabaster Box of cherished keeps and finds like the biblical times .

We would say this Made in Nigerian brand sits in a class of its own bearing treasures only to be revealed when unveiled .




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