Red Carpet Revolution: The Rising Stars of Fashion at AMVCA 2024


The AMVCA 2024 event witnessed a red carpet revolution as the rising stars of the fashion industry took center stage. The event showcased a plethora of talented designers  who are reshaping the landscape of African fashion.

Viewers both virtual and in real time attendees were treated to a visual feast of innovative and cutting-edge designs that pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion norms. From bold prints to avant-garde silhouettes, the emerging designers showcased their creativity and passion for their craft.


The celebrities who graced the red carpet exuded confidence and charisma, embodying the spirit of the modern fashion industry. Their impeccable style and poise captured the attention of onlookers and cemented their status as the next generation of fashion icons. Overall, the AMVCA 2024 event was a testament to the talent and creativity of the rising stars of the fashion industry. As they continue to push boundaries and challenge conventions, it is clear that the future of African fashion is in good hands.

Here are a few to look out for

Vicky James you do this one ooo….1-2-3-4 -5 times – Designer of the AMVCA …


Simi Drey wore M I D É – Love the Latex and embellished combo

Weizdhurmfranklyn did it Again & Again …..

Deji & Kola Ate it Up With These Looks

Neo Akpofure in AMBAOSA –  This Beading Is to the Nines

Neo Akpofure


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