Russell Solomon Debut “Dairy Of A Red Haired Boy”


This collection is a rather personal story, according to the Creative Director, Gabriel who is one of the Lagos Fashion Week (Fashion Focus) finalist showcasing his SS ’19 later this year.

Reliving moments from his childhood, his journey through finding purpose, subtle influences, and inspirations that stuck.

Significant childhood expressions such as playing with a car tyre, deconstruction and remodeling of garments, a trip to the village, playing by the river bank surrounded by beautiful bamboo trees, making triangular shaped kite, wearing platform sandals and shoes for elevation, mind-traveling, also developing a strong attraction for the woman and her unique nature.

The Inspiration behind the collection according to the Creative Director is: Patch work, Hand Sewing, Loose Edges, Isosceles Triangle, the Ant(Sensitivity, Organization, and Planner) and Tick. The concept of fully engaging the human mind to its full capacity.

For the fabrics, the designer used Italian Chiffon, pure African cotton, wool, and polyester fabrics (natural and man-made fabrics).

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