12 Maximalist We Cant Get Enough Of Their Fashion

Jennifer Osei

Maximalism is one style trend not meant for  the faint hearted , yet in the mind of the dresser, they are simply – dressed .Is the term ”  Basic is dead” actually true ? or we would just like to stand out by expressing our inner thoughts and individuality in style ?
According to a maximalist dresser  , the world is her runway and every moment is an opportunity to be a star. To say it truthfully ,this is something most execute all too well, as always finds a way to add an element of vavavoom on something as basic as pants and a blazer.
Even with a colour block added to the look, she would add something to elevate her look. whether a wide brim hat, some elaborate jewellery, or sleeves that speak. Its a simple matter of – Go bolder or go home.

 Jennifer Osei
Not widely acceptable is this trend  yet quietly admired ,  according to – Jennifer Osei aka theladyvhodka , who was featured in Vogue India , she had this to say – “I’ve felt like people have been offended by my appearance,” theladyvhodka makes bold style statements wherever she goes .

A mixed print look is not one that can be executed by just about everybody. There are chances of you blundering and ruining this look. The fashion queen has somehow figured out how to work her way around this trend. She adds character to her flare pants, by wearing them in a leopard print, and seamlessly styles this with a snake print top. If you thought that was over the top, try adding a printed bag to the same ensemble.

Astheladyvhodka puts it , …..“In a world of Kardashian lookalikes, don’t be afraid to appear flamboyant, to be individual,”

Here are a few we truly admire when they switch on their Maximalist style button .

Nikiru Anumudu – The Icon

The Icon our very own Queen , some call her the Label Lover as she sports her favourite luxury brand from top to toe . We call her the Queen of style in her own right . Not one never to make an entrance or show up without stirring conversations .


Reni Folawiyo

reni folawiyo

Our very own Iris Apfel , Reni Folawiyo is not your regular .Not your average and most definitely not your usual . Voted Best dressed by Vanity Fair in 2019 , Reni explains her style by saying ….Bury me in: “Clothes are for living. Ask me to drinks after I just got a Valentino gown, I could turn up in that.”

John Obayuwana -The Undisputed King of Dandies

John Obayuwana – The Luxury Maestro – truly understand that luxury is not just flashy cars and homes in the choicest cities around the world but a way of life.. He lives in a constant state of great comfort and elegance effortlessly. The way he rocked a Jean Paul Gaultier androgynous skirt  at one of his store openings – for a man his age is still worthy of attention .


Mama Nike – The Culture Gatekeeper

The way she has re written the script of the art of Adire is what makes us admire her style . Always seen dotting the same fabric type – Never boring Always New . As one of the custodians of the age long fabric dyeing , Mama Nike deserves one more award.

Orange Nerd – The Intentional

His style is fluid with no hold barred , no explanations needed , no apologies – just being his individual self and we are here for it .

 Chioma Ikokwu – The Muse

You see her in her element when she throws on a conversational piece , she automatically gets us talking and taking notes .

Eniafe Momodu – Proudly Homegrown

The colorful fabrics and oversized dramatic silhouettes stands him out at most occasions as he breezes confidently through the crowd with his towering height . He enjoys playing dress up with indigenous brands and we love it .

Jennifer Osei aka the lady vhodka – The Diva

Her closet brims with pieces that reflect a dynamic relationship with dressing up, as she loves putting together outfits editorially. Quite colorful with loads of volume and textures , The Lady Vhodka is comfortable in her space and we respect her for owning it colorfully well .

Style Infidel – The Unapologetic

His style is quite interesting – whether in volume or simple pieces , he tops it with the cutest miniature bags which he flaunts with pride .

Jennifer Obayuwana – The Bawse Lady

When it comes to designer boss lady looks with a huge dose of extra , Jeni is your girl on the block .

Juliet Olanipekun –The Princess of Arigidi

She goes by multiple alias – lovefromjulez also being one of them . She is popularly known as the queen of layering , her style is simple with a whole lot of omph ….

Angel Obasi –  aka the Hat Lady

Also known as the style connaisseur, Angel pairs literally all she wears with a hat . Her style is never understated even on a quiet day , Angel manages to get our attention with her well toned body and attention garbs et accessories .

Swanky Jerry – The Attention Magnet

He has “Presence” and he makes sure his fashion style is not left behind . From his slow-mo videos to the way he storms in and out of places , Swanky Jerry is not here to play nor take prisoners .

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