Surviving Covid 19 At Home & Beating It – Ronke Apampa

ronke apampa

Survivng the dreaded Covid 19 is by no means a small feat and one time supermodel Ronke Apampa relays her victory story while battling for her  life beating the deadly  virus . Reaching out from her home in Essex , UK – Ronke gives a  a full recount of her ordeal when she exercises what others would naturally term silly – Although she thought it silly too but it brought her out alive and today she lives to tell the story .

ronke apampa


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Deborah Olaronke was one of Nigeria’s top models before she became a TV presenter/producer in the UK and she has modelled for big names such as Dakova, Modella, Zizi Cardow, Nobel Afrik, to mention a few.  who was well known in the fashion industry and a favourite of top cadre fashion designers, recently took to her social media page to declare her victory over the dreaded Covid 19 virus . Ronke, who is based in the Uk with her family , is the CEO of BM Epic Media LTD in Nigeria and the director at BEN Television, UK which is Europe’s first ethnic oriented TV station.

Ronke hosted  the number one entertainment programme “Black Variety Show” which has millions of viewers across Europe for many years until she decided to take a break. Read how she battled the virus by just “Exercising her Faith ‘ and survived .
I woke up , with a nagging headache and fatigue. I didn’t think anything of it. The next day, it came in full force. I was shivering and started coughing. My temperature was very high too. Something told me it was corona but I kept rejecting it in Jesus’ name. I didn’t think Corona will come near me after all the prayers I have been praying. I did a symptoms check online and it suggested Covid-19. I was home alone, and started crying. I was scared to call an ambulance to avoid all the drama and stigma that comes with it. This was when Covid-19 was gradually spreading in the UK and lockdown was only 4 days old.
I live in Essex, and before the lockdown I’d gone to at least six stores to stock up on Panadol and paracetamol, and none of them had any. Luckily for me, a friend arrived from Nigeria and brought along some Panadol and chloroquine.See ehn, the devil is a big fat liar. Just five days before, I had posted about my vision regarding Covid-19 and bitter kola. Here I was torn between the vision and taking chloroquine. I started praying in my very weak state and the Holy Spirit put before me the words “FAITH” and “VICTORY”.
surviving covid 19
Dear friends, in some situations, especially like this one I was facing, it is very hard to exercise faith. I told a few people what I was going through and their immediate reaction was that I go to hospital, or gulp chloroquine immediately. They believed I was exercising silly faith or did not see well. I decided to exercise my “silly faith” and doubled on bitter kola. I took one each, in the morning, afternoon and night, accompanied with heavy dosage of speaking in tongues. I also took panadol and inhaled aboniki balm plus otrivine decongestant. I lost my sense of taste and smell some days later. This lasted for about six days. I also had nose bleed, chest pain, and shortness of breath.
I became afraid. The shortness of breath really scared me. My faith was seriously shaken.
Bitter kola was scarce and expensive in London. Three were sold for a Pound or approximately N1,000. I was angry but had no choice.
The “Faith and Victory” vision didn’t move me until April 2nd. As I prayed at midnight I started weeping. I was just tired of everything. News everywhere was depressing. Number of deaths increased. I was scared and hopeless but didn’t think of death. I didn’t think my case was that serious but I was not happy about not being able to breathe properly. As I cried, I saw the words “Do Not Despair” form before me. The more it formed, the more I cried. Then I heard God say, “Jeremiah 30”. I picked up my bible to read and 2 lessons struck me. It was this that brought me peace. 1, Fear not, neither be dismayed. I will save thee 2, I will restore health unto thee. God also asked me to read Psalm 56 which says He has delivered my soul from death.
Some days later, I had a dream. I saw myself in a field with lots of people, and a huge animal-looking being with a wooly black body, giving instructions to likewise creatures.He commanded them to kill everyone there and move to another destination, they immediately complied. Suddenly, a strong wind lifted me above them. I saw helpless people dying. They were crying and screaming for help. These demonic beings were so huge they stretched their hands to pull me down at least twice. The more they stretched the higher the wind carried me. They spared not a single soul.
The wind carried me to my next destination, which not only happened to be Lagos, but coincidently where the creatures would be heading to next. As soon as the wind dropped me, I spoke to some familiar faces I saw. I explained where I was coming from and all that just happened. I also said the beasts were on their way to them. The people looked unperturbed and said they were aware but there was nothing they could do. Kiakia, I picked my belongings from one of the buildings in that place and fled.
A few days after this revelation I woke up singing. Ladies and gentlemen, Covid-19 is real. Mine lasted for about a month, I stayed indoors throughout. It comes with a license to kill and destroy people’s livelihood. I owe God Almighty this public thanksgiving. I thank HIM for keeping me alive. I am not more special than those who have passed on from Covid 19.

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