Upscale Restaurant Discrimination, Yay or Nay ?



Discrimination is no new word buy what Is new , is the fact that it is being extended to food – especially commercial food . Hence , It is quite absurd and totally unheard of that citizens of its own country are denied entry into some restaurants  due to their gender, class and economic status.

Ugly incidents and reports of this nature have always seen cases been presented. One of such took place in  2020,when  a certain Chinese restaurant identified as Haufei was shut down by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) for not selling foods and drinks to Nigerians as well as restricting them from entering their supermarket.

Just when most thought this would be a lesson to other lifestyle businesses, most recently , another restaurant known as Circa Non Pareil was called out on social media for bouncing a lady and her sister even after their confirmed reservations. Allegedly they were denied access because they were not accompanied by a male. After his post went up on social media , a whole lot of people gave their various ordeals testifying that it is the usual practice of the same restaurant.

Apparently , most  females  recounted how degrading and insulting such situations were  when denied entry due to their gender, status or class. Most guilty of these acts were the upscale restaurants and the question “why “ presents itself .

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That been said,  the aforementioned case of Circa Non Pareil  Is still trending as Nigerians have called out the FCCPC to look into the matter.


Writer: Temiloluwa Erinfolami

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