5 Tips on Shopping for Face Mask For Kids

children face mask

Writer: Temiloluwa Erinfolami

Ever since the pandemic , face masks have become part of our present day existence . For an adult, wearing a face mask, the discomfort and in some cases ‘ the skin conditions stemmed from the use of these masks have been an issue . Same case for kids who develop a rash at the wrong material just rubbing against their facial skin . Check out some of the things to put into consideration before getting a face mask for a kid .


1. Cloth mask with elastic are best for kids.

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3. A child’s face mask should be well fitted to stop them from fidgeting with it so consider getting one with adjustability features like adjustable ear ties or nose clips.

4. Getting a child friendly mask is definitely going to increase compliance with wearing than a plain mask. Get them masks that have some of their favorite cartoon characters on it or you can get them to design their masks in whatever way they deem fit.

5. Masks should have two layers of breathable fabric and fit snugly to their face and your child should be able to breathe unhindered.


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