Meet Joan Asamaigor – Making the Utopia of Luxury A Reality in the Global Hair Business

joan asamaigor

+ How she runs one of Nigeria’s Most Authentic Hair Establishment -J bronze.

There are a few who have carved a niche for themselves in the Glamorous Hair business in Nigeria and one of those brands that have been enlisted as tried and true is – J Bronze .

Situated in lagos , Nigeria, J Bronze had been the secret behind the luxurious installed nits of women who never compromise on their looks until we had a session with the brand owner – .

joan asamaigor

A graduate of the University of Abuja and the University of Georgia. Joan is also a certified Economist and Event Manager as well as a philanthropist. Her brand confidently boasts of quality and authenticity and uniqueness.

In this interview, Joan gets real on the maters of concern in the industry and how he manages t keep the j Bronze brand on top .

joan asamaigor

  • Why did you decide to go into the hair business?

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Given my experience in business management and economics, I have always had a flair for entrepreneurship. I like to create products, and try out new ideas.


  • What is your greatest extravagance?

I’m a shopaholic but I try as much as possible not to use my business profits to satisfy my taste for pleasure. Looking good is good business as you have to come out presentable and decent. However, I try not to go overboard with it and so, I keep things really minimal.


  • What qualities do you look out for when sourcing hair?

When we source for hair, we look out for quality. We look out for that first before other preferences.

joan asamaigor

  • How often does one need to change their hair even with the best quality?

No matter the quality of any hair, nothing lasts forever, although I can guarantee you that my hair lasts for at least 10-15 years. Also, you also need to factor in the fact that putting on a wig is a luxury lifestyle so even though you may have the best quality hair, you

would always want to change things up; have some variety–wigs for different occasions and events(like straight, curl, loose wave, full lace wig, frontal wig, closure wig, etc).


  • If you could change one thing about yourself. What would it be?

Well, the only things I regret are the things I did not do, as I would love to do them now. But other than that, there is nothing about me that I would change.


  • What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I would say that our greatest achievement is how we make our customers feel. We invest a lot into customer satisfaction and customer service delivery. For us, it is not just about the money but about our customers buying hair that gives them their money’s worth and actually makes them feel good. Our customers get quality, customer service, affordability and durability. We make the utopia of luxury a reality for many of our customers.

joan asamaigor

  • How do you maintain your high quality standards?

By working hard. There is no shortcut. We deploy the highest measures of quality control and customer service to ensure that our delivery is top-notch and of international standard. Like my father would say, there is NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS. If you like something, you must work hard to achieve and KEEP it.


  • With the Nigerian hair industry getting bigger by the day, what is the competition like?

We are not in competition with any other brand. I believe that the sky is big enough for everyone. To ensure this, we spice things up by exploring other avenues for business with our other product lines –Lenses by J Bronze and Lashes by J Bronze. So, it’s a really big all-in-one beauty boutique. There are times when the demand for our products are so high that we try to keep up. So, we believe that the sky is big for everyone truly. No need for competition



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