Aisha Abu bakr- Presents Resort 2019 ‘Northern Star’


Abuja based fashion brand Aisha Abu bakr releases its resort 2019 collection dubbed ‘Northern Star’. The name of the collection is inspired by the northern star which is the brightest star in the constellation and that is how the designer views every and any woman wearing a piece of this collection; the brightest star in their constellation.


For this collection, the designer takes the brand on a journey of a culture merger between western and south eastern Nigeria. The technique of hand dye and batik which originates from western Nigeria and the Nsibidi language symbols which are used in the hand dye originally from south eastern Nigeria are both employed. The print portrays Love and Unity as these are Nsibidi signs used. The designer’s creative license is visible in the collection as there is a balance between modern trends and cultural inspiration.


Every item of the collection will appeal to ladies across different age spectrums. From minis skirts to maxi dresses, be prepared to shine as bright as the Northern star.


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Photography- @the.alfe

Hair Styling @haircraft_

Makeup- @belapro31

Models: Rhoda & Bolu @catch22models

Creative Direction- @rhodaebun

PR- @rtfcompany

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