International Women’s Day- Engaging women, A Key to Development while Embracing Equity

Oluremi Tinubu
  • Oluremi Tinubu ( Nigeria )

  • Kayi Dogbe(Togo )

  • Dr Betta Edu (Nigeria)

  • Nabou Fall ( Abidjan )

  • Dayo Ekong ( Nigeria )

With a persistent gender gap in digital access keeps women from unlocking technology’s full potential and their under representation in STEM education and careers remains a major barrier to their participation in tech design and governance. The pervasive threat of online gender-based violence—coupled with a lack of legal recourse—too often forces them out of the digital spaces they do occupy but still the female folk are resilient as well as persistent .

Suffice it to say we read of their latest conquests from this same digital space they are being discriminated from occupying , they triumph still. In this International Women’s Day edition , our focus is on those who have been consistent in their journey &  impacting lives . For most like other women folk , their accomplishments have been against all odds, in  fields that have historically neither welcomed nor appreciated them.

Oluremi Tinubu

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Oluremi Tinubu

Nabou Fall( Abidjan)


Dr Betta Edu

Kayi Dogbe (Togo )

Dayo Ekong

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