Timeless Beauty: Slay Your Age, Own Your Glow (Even When Naija Economy Trying to Dim You!)


Sisters, let’s talk real. Between the dollar bills doing the “Ayagaya igirigi” and fuel prices doing us “mgbomgbo“, looking fly in Nigeria feels like winning the lottery in Monopoly money. But hold up, ladies ! Before you resign yourself to rocking a “struggling artist” chic, remember: true glow isn’t about the size of your bank account, it’s about owning your inner Beyoncé.

See, that luminous aura we call “glow” isn’t some magical potion reserved for light-skinned goddesses on the streets of social media . It’s about radiating health, confidence, and that “been-there-slayed-that” attitude, regardless of your complexion. So, how do we slay our age and own our glow even when the economy wants to play hide-and-seek with our shine?

Step 1: Ditch the Bleaching Cream, Embrace the Sunshine (Vitamin D is free, hun!)

Forget chasing some unrealistic “fair and lovely” standard. Your melanin is your crown, rock it with pride! Embrace the natural radiance of your skin. Sunbathe responsibly (SPF is still your bestie), eat fruits and veggies packed with antioxidants, and remember, dark skin doesn’t need lightening, it needs celebrating.

Step 2: Trade Gucci Guilt for Guava Goodness (Eat Your Way to Glowing!)

Forget fancy imported creams that cost more than your rent. Raid your mama’s kitchen! Whip up a face mask with avocado and honey, or blend some papaya for a natural brightening treat. Nourish your body from the inside out with healthy, local foods. Remember, glowing skin starts from within, not from a jar with a price tag that makes you cry.

Step 3: Move Your Body, Shake Your Money Maker (Even if it’s Just Figuratively!)

Exercise isn’t about punishing yourself at the gym (unless that’s your jam). Dance to Afrobeats in your living room, take a brisk walk with your friends, or join a community Zumba class. Moving your body boosts circulation, reduces stress, and leaves you feeling energized and, yes, glowing. Plus, it’s free (unless you count the inevitable post-workout shawarma cravings).

Step 4: Laugh Your Face Off (Laughter is the Best, and Most Affordable, Botox!)

Stress is a glow-killer, honey. So, bust out the memes, watch that hilarious Nollywood comedy, or call your bestie for a gossip session. Laughter reduces stress hormones, releases feel-good endorphins, and leaves you with a natural, contagious radiance. Plus, it’s cheaper than therapy (and way more fun!).

Remember, girls , true beauty isn’t measured in Naira or complexion. It’s about owning your confidence, embracing your unique self, and radiating that inner light, even when the world throws shade. So, slay your age, own your glow, and remember, you are a queen, no matter the economic climate! Now go forth and shine, girl!

Cover Image – Alero Idowu of Hallero

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