How Unpredictable Can Sickle Cell Disorder Be ?


Sometimes you sleep without pain,

But you wake up with an agonizing pain crisis.

Sometimes you sleep without fatigue,

But you wake up with the exhaustion and dizziness of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sometimes you sleep with a happy and hopeful mind,

But you wake up with the hopeless and draining swing of mood swings.

These are some of the unpredictability of sickle cell disorder,

That sickle cell warriors face occasionally, frequently, or regularly.

But no matter the unpredictability of sickle cell disorder,

The predictability of the care and comfort of God over us is certain,

And God shall ALWAYS comfort all sickle cell warriors,

In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

The modus operandi of sickle cell crisis is uncertain.

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Sometimes you find ease where it is uneasy,

Sometimes you feel relaxed in areas without relaxation.

When standing with your back against the wall helps you sleep than laying softly on your soft bed.

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When a noisy environment becomes more restful than a quiet and still room,

And when a hot stuffy room is more relaxing than trying to rest at room temperature.

Such is the unpredictability of sickle cell disorder.

But the Love of God towards sickle cell warriors is predictably certain.

The presence of sickle cell disorder in me does not indicate the absence of God in me.


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