Are Traditional Spas Really Taking Over ?

traditional spas vs conventional spas

– As the Acceptance of the Organic Culture is on the Rise

Both conventional and traditional spas focus on treatments that promote beauty, wellness, and relaxation, but the benefits and treatment options are different depending on which spa you decide to go to.

People travel across the seas to experience the bliss of the Arabian Hammams , look forward to the Dilka Sudanese Body scrub and Halawa sugar wax from Northern Nigeria.

traditional spas vs conventional spas

What Is a Conventional Spa?

When we talk about conventional spas, we are referring to the kind of spa you typically think about when you think of a spa. Conventional spas offer treatments like massage therapy, aromatherapy, facials, waxings, and pedicures. These treatments are primarily used to pamper and promote relaxation.

At conventional spas, the personnel can be certified in the treatments they provide, but conventional spas do not operate under the direction of a medical professional. Because of this, the treatments you find at a conventional spa are relaxing, but they do not necessarily improve health medically.

What Is a Traditional Spa?

Here indigenous  methods of pampering are incorporated . Age long beautifying methods handed down from generation and exclusive to a certain tribe are materials in use , used to achieve favourable results . With 100% organic materials in use , these spas are claimed to improve health .

Key Differences Between the Spas

Conventional spa treatments are mainly focused on pampering and relaxing. Traditional spas also operate under the direction and supervision of a trained professional,  providing the treatments

Sometimes issues of allergy can be the down side of a traditional spa depending on the mode of practice and individual . In conventional spas , this is hardly the case as the products in use have undergone hypo allergic tests .

  • Although both take repeated visits of certain treatments to get the desired results , the traditional spas seem to have shorter sessions and quicker results .
  • Traditional methods are made up of age long recipes that have been exclusive to a certain culture and have been passed down from generation to generation with little or no modernization and this has been the attraction behind the practice- Home grown and African while the conventional spas are western practices which have been modernized from time to time .

So what ever method one chooses to go by , the fact remains that the traditional spas are here to stay and more tribes are beginning to discover the commercial value of sharing their age long practices with the world .


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