Siju Iluyomade : Pastor, Philanthropist , An Apostle of High Fashion

Pastor Siju Iluyomade

In this era of social media where so many upwardly mobile Jetset crowd and fashion enthusiasts are struggling to outdo themselves on luxurious acquisitions and being on the highly  revered “Best Dressed List”, there are a few unarguable names that stand tall in the very pricy world of high fashion and good living. One of such names is Pastor Siju Iloyumunade . Pastor Siju Iluyomade is one woman whose who is impassioned by her religious belief , philanthropic activities and High taste in fashion , Pastor Siju is a woman whose positive engagement and diffusion of emotions exude Love and Hope . Like a cut gem with many sides , we  be spotlighting some facets of her life as a Pastor , A Philanthropist and An Apostle of Fashion .

Pastor Siju Iluyomade


One of Nigeria’s most celebrated gospel ministers, Pastor Siju, recently clocked 58. A lawyer by profession , she is married to the resident Pastor Idowu Olusola Iloyumunade – popularly known as “Pastor I.D” and who fondly call each other ‘Sugar Baby’, are blessed with three children. Together they have built a very thriving “congregation for the Lord at the RCCG City of David Parish Victoria island – Lagos. Pastor Siju’s but also for her vivid choice of super trendy floral outfits with professionally done with matching makeup.


Pastor Siju Iluyomade popularity is also known for having so much passion for charity and evangelical outreach programs as she is the Convener and Founder of Arise Women Conference , a non-governmental organization. Her efforts to empower the less-privileged and support government in every area of endeavor has been acclaimed to be one of the most outstanding among the lot, who follow same passion as she does. Regardless of religion, tribe, ethnicity. Pastor Siju has continued to give her all to better the life of many, using her Arise Women Foundation to intervene in so many areas of human needs. She institutionalized the Handmaidens Women in Leadership Series (HWILS) to build intentional leaders. in the last 14 years, they have achieved so much by putting structures like Hospitals, School Buildings, Computerized Library, Boreholes in place, these are some of the many infrastructures we have built in many communities like Dafara, Kabusa in Abuja, Ondo, Imo, Kebbi and Lagos States just to mention but few”

The Arise Covid-19 Clinic through her initiative has also been activated where Booster and Covid-19 vaccine have been given to people through  support from the Lagos State government. A lawyer of many decades, through her humanitarian work, she has also branded a food basket called ‘ARISE PINK BUCKET’. The content includes food items like rice, semo, tomato paste, groundnut which are usually distributed to the people at every local government in Lagos State.

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Call Pastor Siju Iloyumunade a fashion icon and you will not be wrong, for this daughter of Zion encompasses so much fashion and style prowess that even internationally acclaimed stylists shudder at how she is able to put it all together and rightly too. Pastor Siju is the best motivation for any fashion lover whose fashion repertoire borders on flamboyance. Her arsenal of pricey dresses, tunics and long A-line skirts is simply outstanding; colorful and flowery is always conspicuously embedded in her style game , alongside her signature oversized floral corsages and they sit very appropriately on her.

siju iluyomade When she is attired in English wears you might mistake her for one of those pricy hedge funders in Manhattan New York as Pastor Siju has a knack for the eye catching trench coats that give the ultimate CEO look. A peep into her trench coat and corporate clothes collection from what we see on Instagram is indicative of a woman whose taste in luxury goods is highly informed. Versace, Chloe, Moschino, Gucci, Balmain, Fendi, Valentino, Escada, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Ferragamo Salvatore, Zagliani, Hermes, Marc, Jacobs, Martin Margiela, Christian Louboutin Burberry and Alexander McQueen. Her choice of clothes validates the notion that is very conversant with both the Paris and the Milan fashion weeks where the best designers in the world churn out their newest designs. A collector of the best fascinators and hats, Pastor Siju’s choice of fascinators will give members of the British royal family clutch their pearls in shock . She wears them best all sourced from the best milliners in the game. She teams this undoubtedly voguish looks with her ridiculously expensive Hermès handbags.

Speaking about hand bags, Pastor Siju is a purveyor of some of the priciest handbags as can be seen in many of her pictures but her undiluted love definitely goes to the prestigious Hermès Birkin. Ordinarily it is a very big deal to carry Hermès on a good day but Pastor Siju hasn’t been  one to be caught with the regular Hermès Birkin and so she stocks up the Crocodile Birkin with an intensity unrivaled. She has the Crocodile Birkin in an assortment of colours which makes her the cynosure of all eyes whenever she has any of them on. Even though crocodile Hermès Birkin bags are a very big deal in the world of high fashion which is not what has catapulted her to the best dressed list, rather It is her love for very pricy trinklets and diamond jewelries that has got most fashionistas green with envy, as she wears the most dramatic jewelry pieces. Her choice of designs is always embellished with carats of diamonds and gemstones. In fact, her choice of stones always takes the center stage. Her pearls are always rock sizes and are the fresh-water variety. She most definitely is a jewelry connoisseur on a world class level. She has the resources as a successful business woman who also married well and is well traveled. Her choice of jewelry is indicative of her level of exposure in the fashion game; she wears some of the most exotic gemstones and diamonds carved into delicious craftsmanship from some of the most renowned jewelry houses; Lapis Lazuli, Lazurite, blue Tanzanite, Madeira Citrine, Fancy Cut yellow diamonds, black Opal, black diamonds, Emeralds, Rubbelite, Garnet, Enamel, white diamonds and the very pricey Akoya pearls are all some of her favorite gemstones and diamonds.

There is literally no type of gemstone or diamonds that has not been sighted on Pastor Siju and she steps out every Sunday to the alter. She is unapologetically vibrant about her jewelry choices as she wears branded jewelry. She is one woman you wouldn’t catch in a Dubai gold jewelry as her collections speak volume of her strides in the acquisition of rare pieces. A huge fashion buyer, a jewelry purveyor and a jetset preacher of the gospel simply connotes that her discernment in style is in a league of its own.  A lover of wrist watches, her Chopard, Piaget, Cartier, Rolex, Hublot, AP and Franck Muller watches always Compliment her lavish yet eye catching jewelry pieces


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