Update Your Wardrobe : It’s Barbie Pink Season


Whether it’s as a pop in the form of a bag or heel that stands out against a black outfit or a head-to-toe color story, it’s about adding some nostalgia-tinged energy to the total look . Runways, red carpets and city streets are littered with a shade of magenta now , which many refer to as “Barbie pink” in reference to the doll brand’s signature color. Most celebrities have all sported vibrant pinks in public appearances of late.

There are endless ways to rock this power color , you can go bold with an all-pink monochrome look, like a pantsuit, matched skirt set or even a jacket and shorts.

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Or you can keep it more subtle with hot pink accessories against a more neutral ensemble in black or pink. And for those looking to be truly extra and bring more brightness to these dark times, you could even mix hot pinks with other bold colors, like lime green or turquoise. Check out this street style for a little inspiration.

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